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    Song Lyrics / A / Athena Cage / All Or Nothing Lyrics
    hmm, hmm
    Ooh, mmm yeah

    Here's the chance of life
    Get ready, set, fly, high
    Above the fear of your mind
    Go for it, it's hit or miss
    Too late for you to quit
    You gotta show 'em,
    How bad you really want this, oh...

    1 - live your dreams,
    It's not as hard as it may seem
    You gotta work to get the cream,
    On your hopes you must sleep
    From your fears, you have to wing yourself
    It's all or nothing, give your everything

    You are, what you believe
    You got to bring the beat
    Set the pace, competition take the lead
    This is it, all eyes on you
    So stay on point and prove
    That you deserve what's long overdue

    Repeat 1

    My heart is still recovering
    From the heartbreak of another kind
    I'm still drying my tears
    Getting over my own fears, in my life.
    So i wanna make sure this time
    That i'm strong enough,to give it my all

    Repeat 1

    Oh, oh, oh yeah, oh

    Repeat 1 x2

    You know you got to live your dreams
    So don't you be afraid
    Just set the pace
    And take the lead
    It's your time to shine...
    Please believe

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