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    Song Lyrics / B / Bee Gees / (i Love) Being In Love With You Lyrics
    I thought i'd already touched the sky
    I got to know you and i don't know why
    But all of my life couldn't mean as much
    As just being touched by you

    I never thought of me growing up
    Got my directions but the road was rough
    It's only the dream of a teenage queen
    But somehow i made it through

    And i'd love to see
    Those faces of those friends i left behind
    And even those who spoke for me
    Just trying to be kind
    And no one said i love you just the way
    I know you do

    * and i love being in love with you
    Living inside your heart
    The giving and the taking
    You are not forsaken
    I love being in love with you
    Thank you just for choosing me
    That we should be
    Being in love forever

    I stare and wonder at what i found
    I just discovered why the world is round
    Round in a circle my arms will be
    And doing the same as you
    It ain't right it's only for you and me
    Only the lonely so it seperately
    Keep it alive on the food of love
    But only the chosen few

    In my life you see some changes in me
    We listen and we grow
    Any child that clings to childish things
    Is trying to let go
    And up to now
    I'd thought i'd seen as far as i could see

    (repeat * twice and fade out)

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