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    Song Lyrics / C / Cibo Matto / Speechless Lyrics
    I'm so saw me crying you've never known
    I'm so speechless...I'll never come back to you

    Did you call me? Once in a week?
    All you wanna do is to be like a sheik
    Always catching girls like fishing for crawfish
    You won't get a dish never, you're just a selfish

    Please don't take me to the bayou
    I'm not a freak I don't wanna lose my shoes
    Do you? You do? I go through your taboo you do now I'm so blue

    Don't make my mouth water, don't make me want to slaughter
    If you give me a dishwasher, don't clean my life with your style

    I'm so speechless...I saw something I've never known
    I'm so speechless...I saw something you've never shown

    You want quantity. I want quality.
    How can I get up to go through this tragedy
    There's no remedy in my satchel.
    Only some memory...I feel empty
    Love is like a bubble, easily breakable
    I can't take this ache for my own sake
    I'm cutting the rope from your boat but something still sticks in my throat

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