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    Song Lyrics / C / Cibo Matto / Sunday Part I Lyrics
    The bomb in my heart is beating me a b note
    Maybe my ear dirt is cheating on me, yo
    'cuz missin' you on sunday morning, i need somethin' new
    It's sunday morning
    But nothing helps me... i'm just waiting for the milkman to come

    I can't find it, i can't find it

    Why do i feel so lonely? i don't know how to compromise
    You are my one and only. what can i find 'til the moon rises?

    I feel dizzy, you're so damn sleazy, i know you'll say "i was busy"
    Baby, take me out, it's been rained out so i run to the bank to get my cash
    And check our savings of love out but it's closed on sunday
    What can i say? i feel blue the rain starts soaking my shoes
    We're losing glue i can't find a clue, i'm knocking on the door
    Somebody is dancing on the floor, then i know the score, i can't take it no more

    The knicks winnin' can't even make me high, cuttin' coupons for nothing makes me sigh

    I can't find it, it's been on my mind, i've been trying to find it day and night

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