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    Song Lyrics / F / Fall, The / Crap Rap 2/like To Blow Lyrics
    We are the fall
    Northern white crap that talks back
    We are not black. tall.
    No boxes for us.
    Do not fuck us.
    We are frigid stars.
    We were spitting, we were snapping "cop out, cop out!"
    As if from heaven.

    Sucker x 9

    No stars in the zone
    I stay at home
    I live on snacks
    Potatoes in packs

    I like to blow...
    I like to blow....
    I like to blow
    Concentration zone

    The years go in circles,
    The years go in circles
    Hopes goes, i'm gone
    Smoke comes, i go

    A spurs fan, a warrior,
    Happy no-hoper
    Dull, manage,
    I think slow.

    Sucker, blow.

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