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    Song Lyrics / F / Fall, The / Kimble Lyrics
    I'm hot!
    I warn ya
    He's out!
    You never knew
    I was around
    That's why you tried to climb on my back
    You step on my toes
    And pretend you never knew
    But you mess
    With this cat
    But let me warn you my friend, never do that again

    Cause i'm kimble!
    The nimble!

    I wear very good shoes
    But since the midlands mentality
    Has decided to do all buildings in upholstery
    The people smell (step on my toes!)
    A child.. (but let me warn you my friend
    I am kimble (never do that again)
    The nimble

    I'll make ya (for this is kimble)
    Tremble (the nimble!)

    Why are people grudgeful yeah
    From the depths of ignorance
    To the soul of the mediocre
    I am kimble

    I am shocking
    So mind your socking (i am kimble)
    Take it from me (i'll make ya tremble)

    I am shocking
    I am kimble
    Take it from me


    I'm kimble
    The nimble!

    Don't try and cheat me
    ... kimble

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