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    Song Lyrics / F / Fall, The / M5#1 Lyrics
    You'll never see me trying to raise cain
    You'll never see me wear a suit of green
    There's a slip-road up right ahead
    Leading to the agragarian
    But i'm city born and bred
    Too many car-fumes in my head
    Just a well-read punk peasant.

    But you'd think a country man would understand
    The devil makes work for idle hands.
    M5 6-7 pm

    And the man who pretends he knows it all
    Is destined to a mighty fall.
    Gets into your house with cheer,
    Then proceeds to take all you've got to offer.
    This is not an autobahn
    It's an evil roundabout
    That leads to the haywain
    And you'll never see good trains again.

    In late 60s, my daddy said to me,
    You'll never see trams and clogs again.
    Now they roam the city.

    Can these people not understand
    The devil makes work for idle hands
    M5 6-7 pm
    The devil makes work for idle hands.

    M5 to the country straight ahead
    It's stuffed to the gills with crusty brown bread
    Can they not understand
    There's nothing worse than a bored man?

    M5, 6-7 pm

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