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    Song Lyrics / F / Fall, The / Printhead Lyrics
    Hey badges tinkle
    T-shirts mingle

    Hey you horror-face!

    I'm a printhead
    I go to pieces
    I'm a printhead
    I go to pieces yeah

    End of catch-line
    End of hook-line

    We had a two page
    It's what we needed
    I'm an ill head
    My face increases
    How my head increases
    Real problems, biz

    So how is it, yeah
    That i've reached here
    I thought this game
    Would do me good

    How could printed vinyl bring you out to here?

    We laughed with them
    When it was take-the-piss time
    I'm no egghead
    But i'm an ex-worker man
    W.c.-hero friend - and not water closet!

    There's a barrier between writer and singer
    Uh-huh he's a good man
    Although a lazy one
    The singer is a neurotic drinker
    The band little more than a big crashing beat.
    Instruments collide and we all get drunk

    The last two lines
    Were a quote, yeah
    When we read them
    We went to pieces

    We went to pieces, yeah
    We went to pieces, yeah

    One day a week
    I'm a printhead, yeah
    Twenty pence a week
    Dirty fingers

    Printhead x 3

    With print you substitute an ear
    For an extra useless eye

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