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    Song Lyrics / F / Fall, The / Return Lyrics
    God bless the cold winds and its refreshing consequence, uh-huh,
    Oh please return.

    Hellas did tremble
    Hellas did go away
    Finding it difficult
    To stand in its fury
    Over the ironing board
    But still this golden curl
    Vented its hellas fury

    Return, baby baby baby come back to me.
    Come back to me, return.

    I was told to go easy and this one did
    But still this golden creature raised its fury
    Head sparkles

    Baby baby baby come back to me

    Is that a hair extension?
    It's soaked in hair lotion
    How can you smell your own head?

    Baby baby baby come back to me

    I'll change the latch on the door
    I'll get locks all over
    I ran on up ahead
    Sparkle and pander her

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