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    Song Lyrics / G / Gangsta Boo / Wanna Go To War Lyrics
    1 - wanna go to war wit me baby?
    This gangsta bitch can get crazy
    Don't you decieve this lady
    Don't fuckin' play wit me baby

    Repeat 1 (3x)

    I'm kickin' it, i be doin' that playa shit
    You be doin' that hoe shit, hatin' up on me bitch
    I cannot help i'm a prophet queen, ridin' until i die bitch
    Do you wanna get fucked up?
    Do you wanna see me tear da club up?
    Do you wanna get bum rushed?
    By niggas wit triggas that's ready for come-up
    I bet you be wonderin'
    How do a lady be flowin' just like them niggas do
    I be spyin' on your crew
    That's how i know exactly what to do
    Don't be playin' wit me
    It hurts me deeply to see that you decievin' me
    I'll get you, i'll study up on the novel known as misery
    I'm comin' wit shit to _make 'em say ugh!_ like that master p shit
    I'll be hangin' wit niggas that's _ready to die_ like notorious big shit
    Don't be fuckin' wit me
    When you see i'm on some other type of mix
    Don't try to be 'bout it in front of your friends
    Put that red dot on your chest
    Them mafia niggas taught me well, nigga can't you tell
    I sport the mean designers bail, nigga doin' swell
    To end this verse off, i be known to have you niggas pissed off
    But keep on pissin' 'cause i ain't gon' stop until yo' ass drop

    Repeat 1 (4x)

    I be the one you love to hate 'cause i'm so so slick
    You look into my eyes, but never knowin' what i'm gon' do next
    I'm like outlaws, we warrior thugs
    Showin' 'em our blood
    It don't mean 'cause i'm a lady that i can't have the blood
    I keep my mean mug wit me for you hoes & that shit
    I get my smoke on daily, 'cause i got to have it
    To all you lovely ballin' niggas lookin' for a sidekick
    Put yo' money by yo' dick & we can do some business
    I'm not tryin' to be rude
    That's just how it's gon' be
    I'm rollin' wit the prophet posse and we 'bout our money
    Many people say i'm crazed
    Damn, is it a lie?
    I guess i'm crazed now-a-days, baby it's do or die
    I'm bein' real, you bein' fake
    Like some counterfeit cheese
    While yo' bitch ass on yo' knees doin' just as i please
    Enquiring minds wanted to know what's gon' be my next move
    In monopoly, you's a fool, 'cause this game you gon' lose

    Repeat 1 (4x)

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