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    Song Lyrics / H / Hannah Montana / Start All Over Lyrics

    I have to wonder if this wave's too big to ride
    Commit or not commit in such a crazy tide
    It's sooner than I thought but you called me out
    I've lost control and there's no doubt
    I'm gonna start all over

    Out of the fire and into the fire again
    You make me want to forget
    And start all over
    Here it comes straight out of my mind or worse
    Another chance to get burned
    And start all over
    I'm gonna start all over

    Fantastic and romantic all a big surprise
    You've got the warning hesitation pushed aside
    It's sooner than i want but you caught my heart
    I guess I'm ready now to start
    I'm gonna start all over


    It's so easy
    You disrupt me
    Can't complain

    It's so easy
    I'm gonna start all over

    [CHORUS x2]

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