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    Song Lyrics / I / Incognito / Celebrate Your Life Lyrics
    (j.p. maunick/r. bull/r. taylor)

    Steal the thunder
    You're a diamond in the mire
    Shine on, wont you shine on
    No matter where you are

    Like the forces of nature
    Irresistable as the sun
    So real got to be so real
    Your heart and your mind's desire

    So wake up and dance
    Now is the time
    Hey, hey, hey

    Celebrate your life
    It's your life (your life)
    Celebrate your life
    Step into the big sunshine

    From rags to riches
    So many only dreamin'
    So don't be a fool now
    Keep control on your destination
    With the future so bright
    Aim your eye to the sky
    So real got to be so real
    Life can be what you want it to be
    So wake up and dance
    It's your time hey, hey, hey


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