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    Song Lyrics / I / Incognito / Keep The Promise Lyrics
    (j.p. maunick/r. bull/r. taylor)

    Felt so good when we started
    The future burnt so bright
    From the moment our eyes met
    We knew that it was so right

    We have each other
    And i believe we have the power
    To make it happen

    (keep the promise)
    (can we keep the promise)
    Can we keep it
    (keep the promise alive)
    (keep the promise)
    (can we keep the promise)
    (keep the promise alive)

    I believe in the notion
    We have dreams to fulfill
    I believe in forever
    I know that i always will

    You are the reason
    Baby i cannot shake this feelin'
    Let's make it happen

    Repeat chorus

    It gets better, it gets stronger all the time
    And i've discovered that there's one thing on my mind
    Keep the promise alive

    Chorus to fade

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