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    Song Lyrics / J / Jeff Buckley / I Against I Lyrics
    (bad brains)
    Originally performed by the bad brains. jeff performed it live on air at kcrw's man in the moon, on january 1994.
    In the quest for the test to fulfill an achievement, everybody's only in it for themselves.
    But the fact of the matter is they don't care to extend a helping hand to anyone else.
    So tell me why you had to lie and trie to make me all confused about the u.s.a.,
    When the fact of the matter is you just don't care to comprehend or understand a single word i say.

    I don't want to have i go against i...
    Oh let me tell you
    And it's the same old story no factual glory
    I against i against i against i.
    And i say i don't like it and i know i dont want it
    I against iagainst i against i.
    Almighty watching almighty watching
    I against i against i against i against i.
    And i say i dont like it
    And i know i don't want it
    I against i against i against i.

    I said who is gonna tell the youth the truth about the drugs, mugs, bugs, and the police thugs
    About the rotten stinkin' rackets and the fantasies around the nation, around the nations
    Oh baby what you gonna do i tell you the truth is looking straight at you...
    I got a brass continental, a 300-z, two color t.v.s. now video too.
    I got a rest home in jamaica for my fantasy for my family.
    Around the nation. around the nation. what you gonna do?

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