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    Song Lyrics / J / Jessica Simpson / A Public Affair Lyrics
    Verse 1:
    There go the street lights
    The night's officially on
    I got the green light
    To do whatever I want
    I'm gonna stand outside the box
    And put the rules on hold

    Pre hook:
    Carte blanche, first class for the evening Ready, set, go....

    All the girls stepping out for a public affair All night,
    let's rock Cause the party don't stop.

    You know the cameras come out for a public affair Who cares,
    let's rock Cause the party don't stop.

    Verse 2:
    Hey baby
    I see you looking over here baby
    Are you gonna keep looking or get up and talk to me
    Here's an opportunity
    That you don't want to miss

    Pre hook

    Hook (2 times)

    Do what you wanna do
    Tonight the world does not exist
    No no no no
    Move how how you wanna move
    All my girls work it out like this
    Give me room to
    Shake shake shake

    Hook (2 times)

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