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    Song Lyrics / K / Kinks / Some Mother's Son Lyrics
    Some mother's son lies in a field
    Someone has killed some mother's son today
    Head blown up by some soldier's gun
    While all the mothers stand and wait
    Some mother's son ain't coming home today
    Some mothers son ain't got no grave

    Two soldiers fighting in a trench
    One soldier glances up to see the sun
    And dreams of games he played when he was young
    And then his friend calls out his name
    It stops his dream and as he turns his head
    A second later he is dead

    Some mother's son lies in a field
    Back home they put his picture in a frame
    But all dead soldiers look the same
    While all the parents stand and wait
    To meet their children coming home from school
    Some mother's son is lying dead

    Somewhere someone is crying
    Someone is trying to be so brave
    But still the world keeps turning
    Though all the children have gone away

    Some mother's son lies in a field
    But in his mother's eyes he looks the same
    As on the day he went away

    They put his picture on the wall
    They put flowers in the picture frame
    Some mothers memory remains

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