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    Song Lyrics / N / Nelly Furtado / Te Busque Lyrics
    I've been high, I've been low
    I've been fast, I've been slow
    Having no where to go
    Missed the bus, missed the show

    I've been down on my luck
    I've felt like giving up
    My life locked in the trunk
    When it hurt way too much

    Needed a reason to live
    Some love inside me to give
    I couldn't rest
    I had to keep on searching

    Te busqu?
    Debajo de las piedras y no te encontr?
    En la ma?ana fr?a y en la noche
    Te busqu?, hasta enloquecer

    Pero tu llegaste a mi vida como una luz
    Sanando las heridas de mi coraz?n
    Y haciendome sentir vivo otra vez

    I've been too sad to speak
    And too tired to eat
    Been so low that I say
    The world cut off my wings

    I've been hurt by my past
    But I feel the future in my dreams
    And at last I wake up I'm not sure

    I wanted to find a light
    Something just didn't feel right
    Needed an answer to end all my searchin'


    I look in the mirror, the picture's getting clearer
    I wanna be myself, but does the world really need her?
    I ache for the earth, I stop going to church
    I seek god in the trees, makes me fall on my knees
    My depression keeps building
    Like a cup overfillin'
    My hearts so rigid, I keep it in a ???
    It hurts so bad that I can't dry my eyes
    Cause I keep on refilling it with the tears that I cry

    (Chorus x2)

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