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    Song Lyrics / P / Perry Como / Holy God We Praise Thy Name Lyrics
    Ho-ly god, we praise thy name;
    Lord of all, we bow be-fore thee!
    All on earth thy scep-ter claim,
    All in heav-en a-bove a-dore thee;
    In-fin-ite thy vast do-main,
    Ev-er-last-ing is thy reign.

    Hark! the loud ce-les-tial hymn
    An-gel choirs a-bove are rais-ing,
    Cher-u-bim and ser-a-phim,
    In un-ceas-ing chor-us prais-ing;
    Fill the heav-ens with sweet ac-cord:
    Ho-ly, ho-ly, ho-ly, lord.

    Lo! the a-pos-tol-ic train
    Join the sa-cred name to hal-low;
    Pro-phets swell the loud re-frain,
    And the white-robed mar-tyrs fol-low;
    And from morn to set of sun,
    Through the church the song goes on.

    Ho-ly fa-ther, ho-ly son,
    Ho-ly spir-it, three we name thee;
    While in es-sence on-ly one,
    Un-di-vid-ed god we claim thee;
    And a-dor-ing bend the knee,
    While we own the mys-ter-y.

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