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    Song Lyrics / P / Perry Como / I Concentrate On You Lyrics
    Whenever skies look gray to me,
    And trouble begins to brew . . .
    Whenever the winter winds become too strong,
    I concentrate on you!

    When fortune cries nay nay to me,
    And people declare you're through,
    Whenever the blues become my only song,
    I concentrate on you!

    On your smile, so sweet, so tender,
    When at first my kiss you declined . . .
    On the light in your eyes, when you surrender,
    And once again our arms intertwine . . .
    And so when wise men say to me,
    That loves' young dream never comes true,
    To prove that even wise men can be wrong,
    I concentrate on you!
    I concentrate, i concentrate,
    On you!

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