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    Song Lyrics / R / Red Hot Chili Peppers / 21st Century Lyrics
    All the creatures, on the beaches
    Makin' waves in the motion picture

    Wont you keep this inbetween us
    Search and seizure, Wake up Venus

    The dollar bill will mentally ill bill
    Mom and dad take your don't be sad pill

    Turn the screw and twist my language
    Don't forsake me I'm contagious

    There's a reason for the 21st Century
    Not too sure but I know that's it's meant to be
    And that it's ment to be

    It's my favorite combination
    Comin' down with the favored nations
    Deep rotation and multilation
    Learn to give and take dictation
    Oh, oh oh, oh oh,
    Like you're Cain and Able
    Oh, oh oh, oh oh
    Gonna run this table

    Read me your scripture now
    Read me your scripture
    Read me your scripture and
    I will twist it
    Show me your wrist and I
    Show me your wrist and
    Show me your wrist and I
    Kiss it kiss it
    Oh, oh oh, oh oh
    Like Cain and Able
    Oh, oh, oh, oh-oh
    Gonna run this table

    Simple Soldier, hand it over
    Stop and read what you just wrote her
    Strangulation altercation
    Oral sex and bird migration

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