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    Song Lyrics / R / Red Hot Chili Peppers / Aeroplane Lyrics
    Looking in my own eyes
    I can't find the love I want
    Someone better slap me
    Before I start to rust
    Before I start to decompose
    Looking in my rear mirror
    Looking in my rear mirror
    I can make it disappear

    I like pleasure spiked with pain
    Music is my aeroplane
    It's my aeroplane
    Songbird sweet and sour Jane
    It's my aeroplane

    Sitting in my kitchen
    I'm turning into dust again
    My melancholy baby
    The star of mazzy must

    Push her voice inside of me
    I'm overcoming gravity
    I'm overcoming gravity
    It's easy when you're sad to be

    Just one note
    Could make me float
    Could make me float away
    One note from
    The song she wrote
    Could fuck me where I lay
    Just one note
    Could make me choke
    One note that's
    Not a lie
    Just one note
    Could cut my throat
    One could make me die

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