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    Song Lyrics / R / Red Hot Chili Peppers / Blues For Meister Lyrics
    It's always half and half
    I'm happy and i'm sad
    Everything that's beautiful
    Always kills me too
    The highest i get up
    Is the deepest i get down
    You're up there with your life
    That's why i gotta shout, shout,
    ...and then gotta shout, shout

    Blues for meister
    You sweet little thing
    Blues for meister
    I'm so sad i gotta sing
    A cozy little kitty up
    Sittin' on the couch
    Oh, kitty cat, oh, baby
    I really miss you now
    Well have some respect
    For my cat
    He got squashed by the wheel
    Of a cadillac
    Well, me and my pussy
    We lost our flow
    Well, goodbye my little calico

    Your food's still in the cupboard
    Hangin' in its can
    You used to love to eat it
    I'll always love you meister
    You were so good to me
    There's nothing like you nowhere
    As far as i can see

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