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    Song Lyrics / R / Red Hot Chili Peppers / Charlie Lyrics
    All aboard...stitch in time
    Get mine
    In a minute...I'll be there
    Sit tight...get square
    You could do at the hippodrome
    Slide back...trombone
    Anybody got a TV tome
    That's right...unknown

    When I pick up on that smell
    Pick it up and run like hell
    Little woman save me some
    Better get up on your run

    So much more than
    Charlie's wakin' me
    To my core and
    Charlie's shakin' me
    And tell my story
    And Charlie's makin' me
    And Charlie's makin' me smile
    Oh oh now the twist
    Get the message...on Flea's fist
    Move around like a scientist
    Lay down...get kissed
    Big picture and it never lies
    Big daddy...will advise

    My heart...your skin
    This love...I'm in
    We don't arrive without a surprise
    You're right...I'm wrong
    Be free...belong
    Intimate sight has come in to light

    All i ever wanted to
    Was pick it up and run with you
    Slip into a summer spell
    Double up and run like hell

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