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    Song Lyrics / R / Red Hot Chili Peppers / We Believe Lyrics
    The curtain
    Is open
    A head to
    Put dope in
    Now we will
    Come clean it
    The future
    We've seen it
    No, no I know, I said, no no

    It's like a dream
    That falls away
    Into the night
    Where we can play
    I'm on a train
    One happy day
    Two eyes for sight
    Three times I pray

    Soda pop
    We've got to set up shop
    And when the weather comes
    We've got a pressure drop
    We don't know
    But everyday I go
    To see what I can bring
    Into a cameo
    Oh oh oh no

    We believe
    Climb a tree
    For monkey business
    Write a check out to forgiveness
    All the world on half an acre
    Pushing dirt into a Quaker

    The mission
    The method
    The downfall
    'Cuz it's not
    The first time
    Nor is it
    The worst time
    No no oh no

    To see the bird
    Without a care
    For in a word
    It's nice out there
    In a tree
    My mama bear
    Will be all right
    With proper care

    Hey hey hey do

    Into a bigger bang
    A little cry of love
    Because they cannot sing
    What did the pharaoh see
    Another time and space
    Another place to be

    The motive
    The measure
    The purpose
    The pleasure

    The risk is
    It worth it
    The disc is
    It perfect

    I found you
    Amongst them
    The flower
    With young stem

    The broken
    The marriage

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