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    Song Lyrics / Y / Yoko Ono / Hell In Paradise (instrumental) Lyrics
    Multicolor dreams.

    Multilevel schemes.

    Underqualified for love,
    Overqualified for life,
    Sticking our heads in slime,
    Thinking we're in our prime.

    Mesmerized by mythology,
    Hypnotized by ideology,
    Antagonized by reality,
    Vandalized by insanity,
    Desensitized by fraternity,
    Sanitized by policy,
    Jeopardized by lunacy.

    Penalized by apathy
    And living in the world of fantasy.
    Dancing on hot coal, waiting for the last call,
    It's adam's ball, eve's call.

    Wake up, shake up, check out, work out, speak out,
    Reach out, it's time to, time to, time to,
    To, to, to, to, to, to, to, to, to, to, to.

    An endangered species?

    Exorcise institution,
    Exercise intuition,
    Mobilize transition,
    With inspiration for life.

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